Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cataract MCQ part 1

1. Rosette cataract is seen due to:
a) Trauma
b) Foreign body
c) Diabetes
d) Hyperparathyroidism
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2. Cataract is seen with:
a) Galactosemia
b) Congenital Rubella
c) Toxoplasmosis
d) All of the above
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3. The lens derives its nutrition from:
a) Aqueous
b) Sclera
c) Vitreous
d) None of the above
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1. (a) Trauma
Direct mechanical effects of injury on lens fibers that could be:

  1. Discrete subepithelial opacities.
  2. Early Rossette (flower) cataract: feathery lines of opacity along star shaped suture lines usually in posterior cortex.
  3. Late Rossette cataract: it develops in posterior cortex 1 to 2 years after injury.
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2. (d) All of the above
Causes of cataract include all but not exclusive to:

  1. Hereditary causes: e.g. Cataracta Pulveranta, Coronary cataract
  2. Maternal causes:
    • Infections e.g. Rubella and Toxoplasmosis
    • Drug ingestion: corticosteriod
    • Radiation
  3. Fetal causes: 
    • Metabolic Disorder: e.g. Galactosemia and galactose kinase deficiency
    • Oxygen deficiency
  4. Idiopathic
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3. (a) Aqueous
Crystalline lens being an avascular structure is dependent on aqueous humor for its nutrition.
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